Qatar to New Zealand – A Breakdown of the World’s Longest Flight

Qatar Airways recently launched the world’s longest route — 17 hours, 30 minutes one-way from Qatar to New Zealand, over a distance of 14,539 kilometers (over 9,000 miles).

Let’s breakdown what this means for female travelers.

What is Qatar like for a solo female traveler?

In an interview with, Tina spoke about her experiences moving to Qatar alone.  She said that many other travelers told her to not believe the “CNN effect”, that the Middle East does not mean violence around every corner and you will not be kidnapped or killed the second you land.

She also mentioned that Uber has been a lifesaver living in Qatar. Roadways are not organized and it is helpful to have a driver that is local to the area. I previously posted about the impact ride sharing has on nations in the Middle East, especially for women.

Tina also said

Qatar is fairly safe and everyone speaks English so you always have a helping hand if you get lost or need some help.

So traveling to and from Qatar would be safe for a female traveler. You just need to do your preliminary research and be mindful of the culture.

What is New Zealand like for a solo female traveler?

New Zealand has been a popular destination for solo female travelers. It is safe to travel in and around, it is relatively cheap and it is easy to explore. It is also a more liberal country that is very similar to other western cultures. This makes it a great place for first time female travelers, since there is less of a culture shock compared to other nations.

Surviving a long-haul flight

Advancements in technology make a flight like this possible. However, what about the effects on those flying?

The most obvious issue is sitting in a tight space for over 17 hours. There is not much room to get up and walk around. Another issue is oxygen. According to Prof. Dr. Gunnar Grün, Head of the Department of Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, “lower air pressure in the cabin also leads to lower than normal levels of oxygen and can impact the health of passengers, particularly those with existing medical conditions.” (CNN)

Looks like the next step is to figure out how to make passengers more comfortable in these long-haul flights.

Looking forward

In March 2018 Qatar Airways will launch a 9,008 mile service between Perth and London, the first passenger flight to link Australia with Europe directly.

Our world is becoming more connected and advancements in travel continue to make the world a smaller place.


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