Women are Choosing Sides in the United Airlines Controversy

By now, most of us are aware of the PR nightmare that United Airlines in currently dealing with. To sum it up, a Vietnamese doctor was physically forced off of an overbooked United flight by federal law enforcement officers.

After the initial uproar on social media, there have been many details and opinions in reaction to this incident. Female travelers seem to be split on whose side they’re taking.

Some sided with United

In a blog post, a pilots wife responded to the incident. Angelia Griffin explained that there are high security standards in place ever since 9/11. She said that these messures are in place to keep everyone safe. She stuck up for the airline when she stated,

Read the facts. United neeeever touched the passenger. In fact, by all witness accounts, the United flight crew remained calm and pleasant throughout the entire event, never laying hands on the passenger. They followed protocol as required by law. Once law enforcement became involved (also as required by federal protocol), United stepped out of the decision-making process. They had nothing to do with the rest. The passenger was forcibly removed by federal aviation security (the disturbing clip that everyone is talking about) after running back into the secured area after being escorted out once. Once he did that, like it or not, they (law enforcement) were under full discretion of the law to apply necessary force to remove the threat. I’m not saying it’s pretty, but the only one who actually broke a law was the passenger. There’s a reason for these laws–it’s called 9/11.

Check out the rest of her post. She gives great insight on this situation.

Others Sided With the Passenger

The passengers daughter responded in a news conference and stated,

What happened to my dad should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. We were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and see what had happened to him. We hope that in the future nothing like this happens again.


Crisis Mangement Expert Melissa Agnes, explained that the airline did an awful job in their reaction to this incident.


Most are contributing to the meme 


United is just recently recovering from their last PR incident involving restricting young girls from boarding their flight due to their clothing. This company is going to have a lot of eyes on them in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can lay low and avoid another incident.

*Update – A man was stung by scorpion on a United Flight.




3 responses to “Women are Choosing Sides in the United Airlines Controversy

  1. Lindsay,
    I like this post. It’s relevant and timely. United Airlines is absolutely going to see a decrease over the next quarter. Hopefully they can recover from this PR nightmare, but I’m not sure that they will.


  2. Hi Lindsey,
    I really like how you incorporated all kinds of media in this post! The use of video, excerpted quotes, screenshots of tweets, and linking to other relevant posts really helps give readers the full story. I can definitely see how audiences are torn on this subject. On one hand, it’s very true that the passenger was the one who broke the law and that United didn’t really have anything to do with his manhandling. At the same time, I don’t think United’s customers should’ve had to endure such treatment because other employees needed on the plane as an afterthought. There are a number of other things they could’ve done to avoid the situation.
    But this situation certainly does lend itself to a lottttt of jokes. My personal favorite so far has been “United: We came to kick ass and fill seats, and we’re all out of seats.”


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