Trump Spends Over 23 Million in 10 Weeks of Travel Expenses

When you become the President of the United States, you technically don’t get a day off. President Trump is challenging that theory. In 10 weeks, President Trump has spent the same amount in travel expenses as Obama did in 2 years.


The New York Times found that

President Trump has spent 9 of 11 weekends since taking the presidency at one of his golf courses or hotel resorts.

So far, he has spent over 23 million dollars in travel expenses.  (This figure does not include the travel expenses for the rest of the Trump family)

Rather than getting into the politics on the matter, let’s see where we could travel for that kind of money.

1 month at the Four Seasons, George V in Paris, France.

Spend a month at one of the most luxurious hotels in the most romantic city on earth. This month will cost you about $78,000 for your stay.


2 week round trip cruise on Queen Mary from New York City to the Caribbean.
Queen Mary 2


Cruise down the Atlantic in one of the most luxurious cruise ships. These two weeks will cost you roughly $55,000.


1 month in St. Moritz, Switzerland at Badrutt’s Palace.

Badrutt's Palace

Spend a month skiing, snowboarding, and bobsledding at one of Switzerland’s most deluxe resort and spas. This month will run about $170,000.


1 month at Zephyr Palace in Costa Rica.

Overlook the Pacific Ocean with access to your own private beach at this resort. This month will cost you roughly $260,000.


1 month at Casa El Destino in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Casa El Destinoimage:

Spend the month enjoying a personal chef, housekeepers, infinity pool, pristine beaches, and world class golf courses. This month will run about $420,000.


1 month in Spain on Isla de sa Ferradura.

Enjoy your month-long stay on a 14-acre private island off the coast of Ibiza. Enjoy a cave turned private spa and an abundance of tropical waterfalls. This month will cost $920,000.

In total, this 5 month itinerary will cost you 2 million dollars. (This does not include travel to and from each destination)

This itinerary is still not even a fraction of what Trump has spent in 11 weeks. A large percentage of his costs obviously go to his security, but his trips still seem a bit extensive.

However, this does put solo travel costs in perspective and that 400 dollar plane ticket seems much more obtainable.

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