Should Females Traveling Alone Carry Pepper Spray?

pepper spray

Traveling alone can leave women in vulnerable situations. Pepper spray has been a popular choice among females to travel with as a precaution.

However some questions arise when thinking about traveling with pepper spray,

  • How effective is pepper spray?
  • Does it give a false sense of security?
  • Is it even legal in certain countries?
  • Could it potentially be used against you?

When traveling with pepper spray, most airlines proibit pepper spray in a carry on bag. However you can most likely store it in a checked bag if it is stored properly. Here is a case where female’s were stopped by TSA for having pepper spray in their carry on bags.

What if you can’t purchase pepper spray in the country you’re visiting? Below is a list of a few countries and their laws regarding pepper spray.

pepper spray.PNG

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Females tend to think that carry pepper spray as a weapon is important.

pepper spray 5

pepper spray tweet 2

pepper spray tweet 3

pepper spray tweet 4

pepper spray tweet

pepper spray 6

Instead of carrying our keys between our fingers, or pretending we are on the phone on the way to meet a friend, or even having a male coworker walk us out to our car; maybe we can just keep pepper spray with us instead.

Pepper spray give females a sense of security. This feeling of security can add confidence in females traveling alone. Some women think that it should be allowed on their carry on. Some also think that it should be offered for free on college campus’. It is a bit unnerving that it is sometimes necessary to carry a weapon around as a female, even if it just pepper spray. However those of us that want the freedom to travel alone need to take the extra step for our personal safety.


If you decide to carry pepper spray with you, it is important to learn how to use it correctly, so that it cannot be used against you.

This free instructional video goes through all the basics of properly using pepper spray.

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