Pakistan Introduces New Female Only Taxi Service


A new app-based service allows female passengers in Pakistan to travel without fear of harassment from male drivers. This app launches tomorrow, March 23rd!

Pink Taxi utilize female drivers dressed in a pink scarf and a black coat so they are easily identified. Women can call cab service by phone, an app or simply by hailing one on the street. This app is being launched by Ambreen Sheikh, along with her husband Zahid Sheikh.

Sheika said  “Our pilots (drivers) wear a pink scarf and black coat as their uniform. They include housewives, young women and students.”

Most female commuters in Karachi, a city with over 20 million in population, experience some form of sexual harassment while using public transport. This new transportation service will give women the confidence in traveling around their city. Which could mean more women can work and participate in community events.

Minister for transport in Karachi, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, said that women face harassment when using public transport.“Having a mode of public transport catering to them alone can solve many of their transport issues.”

The Pink Taxi service will eventually be extended to smaller cities of Lahore and Islamabad in the next three to four months, followed by other parts of the country. This Pink Taxi service is will hopefully start a ripple effect across Pakistan in prioritizing safety for women traveling alone.

However, like many things in life, there are opposing views to a female only cab service. pink taxi tweet

It seems that women in general support and are excited for this new service.

paxi tweet

paxi tweet 2

Women across the globe share similar difficulties when traveling alone. Some have to overcome more challenges than others.

We all want the same thing, the freedom to travel.

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