The New Travel Ban Impacts Women Across the Globe

A federal judge in Hawaii temporarily blocked Trump’s revised version of his travel ban. The original ban temporarily restricted citizens from seven countries, including immigrants and refugees, from entering the U.S.

The new ban has greatly impacted international women activism groups. Leaders of these groups are unable to confidently travel into the U.S for conferences, rallies, and networking events. These are crucial events to spread their organization’s message, and to receive donations to continue to grow their cause. The ban also effects women involved in the United Nations. Women are finally amplifying their voices through the UN, but this ban puts that to an immediate halt.

Even with all of these setbacks, women are still pushing forward together. The hashtag #BuildMovementsNotWalls is connecting groups and organizations together.


trump ban tweet 2trump ban tweet


The Global Fund for Women came together and shared their concerns facing this new travel ban

“The women of Iraq will lose confidence in the U.S. administration and raise concerns that this administration’s policies will negatively affect U.S. organizations working to support women’s rights in the Middle East,” said one woman from Iraqi Women’s Development Center.

“Clearly the new political situation in the U.S. will not promote improvements here and we are afraid that lack of attention to Ukraine in the U.S. will be dangerous for the very fragile peace—if one can call ‘peace’ the reality when everyday people are dying in the East.” said Natalia Karbowska, chair of the board of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund.

“The latest decision of the U.S. president has worsened conditions and closed any weak hope for the voices of women or other Palestinian refugees to be heard by any UN panels or committee meetings.” said Global Fund for Women advisor in Lebanon Khalidat Hussein

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The overall consensus is that this situation is too vague. The ban was rejected, but only temporarily. There is now an increased risk traveling to the U.S because it is unknown who airports are reporting to? They can follow the orders from the President, or they can follow orders from the Judicial Branch.

The only solutions seems to be to just wait until the next revision from Trump’s administration. Either way, these fearless female international leaders will continue to travel from country to country to spread their message.

This travel ban has an international effect on keeping people out. However, there are also travel bans across the world that attempt to keep people from leaving. You can read about Eastern Libya’s travel ban here.


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