Can We All Stop Trying So Hard on Instagram?

#fakenews  more like  #fakeperceptionofreality


The great lengths we go to get a ‘gram worthy picture

Instagram has become a platform for perfection. How many people do you know that in person look nothing like they do on Instagram? This is especially true for travel photos. You can spend an entire trip dedicated to capturing the perfect travel photo. In doing so, you miss out on experiencing the actual trip.

Our minds are thinking in terms of future posts, rather than real time thoughts. Now I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I can admit struggling with this myself. (This is all coming from me, the girl with the candid photo as her blog picture. However, that picture took only about 30 seconds and capturing that picture did not consume my mind during the trip. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of a graffiti wall and awesome lighting.)

Back in 2015, Australian Instagram “Star” Essena O’Neill decided to quit the social platform. She went back to her old pictures and exposed the sometimes harsh reality of each photo. If you’re not familiar with this story, catch yourself up here



She even (ironically) started the social media hashtag #letsbegamechangers which encourages living in the moment. She also had a website, but it seems she deleted that as well.



This happened in 2015. It’s 2017 and things have only gotten worse. Posts are always sponsored and everything is made to look “candid.” Every post is trying to look like an authentic moment, when it is everything but authentic.

I don’t want to bash social media, because social media changed the world. However, most of us don’t get paid for our photos on Instagram. So why are we trying so hard? We need to get back to the mentality of capturing an awesome picture for the sheer fact of it being an awesome picture. Forget about the amount of likes, forget about what everyone else is doing.

Live in the moment and capture your authentic reality.



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