Yes, People Actually Choose to Live in Vans.

Live in a van. Find yourself. #vanlife

Individuals suffering from wanderlust (especially females) are converting vans into their permanent home. They travel the country, picking up odd jobs here and there. Some follow their favorite bands, others choose a destination and head off.

Van life means embracing the journey, not just the destination. It is taking on a whole new lifestyle and doing a lot, with a little.

A Girl and Her Van

Source: Youtube: Dylan Magaster

Alex quit her 9-5 job and bought a van. She is a solo female traveler, aside from her German Shepard, and says that van life is safer than you would think. Of course, she has her safety precautions, but in general feels safe.

Follow Alex’s journey at: Instagram  &  Blog

These vans are pimped out. They have mini fridges, solar panels, cooking tops, pop-up roofs, etc. Living quarters can be tight, however their backyard is the world.

Vanlife has grown into a large online community. is a cool website to learn more about this lifestyle.

Even searching #vanlife on Twitter and Instagram. You can find individuals that have crossed over into this lifestyle.

Image: Cheyenne Albright

This lifestyle is just another example of how female travelers are going against the traditional set up that society has made for us. It not be for everyone, but it is still inspiring to see those that are changing the norms of living.

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