What is Going on in Our Travel Community?

1.How the Muslim Ban affected women traveling


The Muslim Ban that President Trump enacted on Friday January 27th put many female travelers entering back into the US from any of the 6 banned countries. This situation put many international airports at risk of a dangerous environment.

2.Indian airline created a new section for females traveling alone


Air India has a new section on airlines for woman traveling alone. This new policy comes less than a month after a man was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman on an Air India flight.

3. Undercover Americans traveling internationally posing as Canadians


With the international tensions rising, some Americans decided to go undercover. They add Canadian flag pins to their luggage, or have mini Canadian flags with them.

4. Traveling alone and Hostels


Hostels are a great choice when you’re traveling solo. They are cheaper than traditional hotels, and there are always full of travelers.

5. Useful apps to use while traveling


Apps that can help traveling solo run smoothly.

For example,

Gate Guru – This app shows you all of the retail and food outlets on a map within the airport you are currently at.

Tourlina – This app connects solo female travelers based on location.


Cover Image: www.goodfreephotos.com

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