The D.C Metro saw its Second Largest Crowd in History. The Day After Trump’s Inauguration.

The first was Obama’s Inauguration.



On January 21st 2017, Washington D.C alone had over 500,000 people flooding into the capital to participate in The Women’s March.

The D.C Metro official twitter, reported the total number of metro trips for the day.


Metro spokesman Dan Steel reported that the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, just over 570,000 trips were taken on the rail system. (


(Image: Miriam Nielsen / The Verge)

The Women’s March was anticipated to have roughly 200,000 participants. However, that number doubled quickly and city officials had to adjust their safety protocols.

The crowd was so large that it was nearly impossible to access any social media sites, or even send and receive text messages. The large crowds and inability to communicate via text message prompted an unsafe environment for women. (

Organizers of the march sent out a list of safety guidelines to ensure individual safety for this event. (

  1. If you’re attending alone, try and find a group that is marching, and sign up with them online: There were many organizations participating in the event.
  2. Don’t engage any counter-protesters (if there are any): The event was created to be a peaceful protest. 
  3. Have a plan with your friends: Set up a meeting place in case you get separated or your phone dies.

Not a single arrest was made that day in D.C. “Marchers reported that police were civil and participants were kind to one another, often looking after each other in the dense crowd. People were elbow-to-elbow and some said they couldn’t move for hours.” (

This was a rare instance where women’s safety was a main topic of an event. The usual fear a woman experiences when traveling was a bit eased for this event. Maybe this event will continue the conversation of women’s safety.

The march, at the very least, prompted a rational response from president-elect, excuse me, President Trump on twitter.


“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”
 – Neil Armstrong


(Cover Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

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