This Female Millennial Ditched her Corporate Job to Make a Living Traveling the World


In the new era of travel writers, this blonde paved her way to stand out.

The Blonde Abroad.

Kiersten Rich started her professional life as many young millennials do. Go to a 4 year college. Get a Bachelor’s Degree. Get thrown into the work force.

After she graduated college, she landed a great job at a large corporation. She was 21, living in Los Angeles, working an insane amount, and hating every minute of it. She knew she wanted more.

Rich was involved in many women’s empowerment clubs where she began to network with women from all walks of life. These women eventually inspired her to quit her office job. Rich realized, as many young people do, that it is difficult to combine both following your passion and making a living.

The summer she turned 22, with the small amount of money she had saved, she booked a summer trip to Australia.

When she returned from her journey through Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, she knew she wanted to make a career out of this. She began planning future trips that involved fundraising for small charities in her different countries.

Fast forward to 2017, she has traveled to over 50 countries, and owns her own company appropriately named, “The Blonde Abroad.”

“I established The Blonde Abroad when I stopped living a life bound by limitations and decided to follow my heart and live a life without borders.” – Kiersten Rich

The big question

How does she make money?

  • Her business involves various revenue streams including affiliate programs, consulting, social media marketing and digital content creation.
  • She is on the road 9 months out of the year, and ditched the life of luxury and lives her life with a little less.
  • Some of her trips are even sponsored now, and she can share her experience in an expense free trip.

The Blonde Abroad is a true success story of fearlessly making choices, and defying the mundane expectations of life.

She exhibits the evolution of travel bloggers making a living off of their passion for travel.

Check out her adventures!  –   The Blonde Abroad

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